Make Music Day 2021 to feature hundreds of free events and resources

Hattie Fisk
Thursday, June 10, 2021

Providing schools, families, musicians and music lovers with hundreds of free events and resources, Make Music Day 2021 is taking place in-person and online on 21 June.

This year's Make Music Day (MMD) programme features a hybrid of virtual and in-person events, accompanied by a live broadcast online to showcase the creative projects taking place on 21 June.

The festival day is designed to encourage musicians to perform and bring joy to music fans and their communities, with national and international events available for all. There are hundreds of free events and opportunities to take part in, listed in a programme on the MMD website. You can also add your own event. 

A branch of the day is dedicated to celebrating MMD in schools, with a number of resources designed for the classroom. A plethora of education institutions have already signed up to take part: hundreds of schools across Darlinton and Durham will also be performing their Big Play; A live streamed Big Sing from 11 o’clock will be included in partnership with Durham Music and Charanga; thousands of Wilshire schools will be performing ‘Together’ – commissioned by Wiltshire Music Connect for the occasion. Composers of 'Together' Tim Gilvin and Louise Jordan are encouraging more schools to join in, and even invite them to write their own lyrics. 

Barbara Eifler, chair of Make Music Day UK, said: ‘Make Music Day is that one day in the year when we can all celebrate music and recognise the incredible variety of musicians, old, young, professional, leisure-time, fantastic champion players, complete beginners – and all the different kinds of music that they love and perform.’ 

‘Music is a language that connects us all, across communities, across nations, across the world. I cannot wait to see what creative events will take place this year and to see the joy in people’s faces as they listen or play or sing.’

‘It’s been a hard year, everywhere on the globe, let’s come together on 21 June through music and start healing.’

Live on the drive with Penton Road Band, MMD 2020

After the success of last year, a live broadcast will feature on the MMD website. Its programme includes:

  • MizMash Studios: Expert producers from across the globe will make original tracks out of crowdsourced samples sent in from music makers. 
  • John Cage 4’33”: John Cage Trust and Beyond Skin will premiere their special performance of 4’33” with musicians from 23 different countries.
  • Sign at the Gate: Scottish primary schools will come together to sign the MMD anthem, ‘Stand By Me’, via live stream, presented by the Frisson Foundation.
  • British Black Music Selection: Kwaku from British Black Music presents a range of domestic black music to mark British Black Music Month and celebrate MMD.
  • International drum battle: For 15 minutes, more than 30 drum and percussion bands from across the globe will join forces to ‘Drum Around the World’. 

Plus discussions with DJ and broadcaster Nick Luscombe and musicians Elsa Hewitt and Kirk Barley, Edinburgh’s schools will be hosting a digital concert, and a newly commissioned piece by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian will be performed by three inclusive ensembles. 

For more information on Make Music Day visit their website.