New docu-workshops for schools celebrate music from different cultures

Harriet Clifford
Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The videos from Inspire-works Studios are designed for whole-class use, with the first four launching on demand in September 2021.

Arts workshop specialists Inspire-works has announced Inspire-works Studios, a new endeavour to provide on demand films for children and young people to learn about the diversity of the arts. 

Launching at the start of the new academic year and suitable for children aged 5-18, the first four docu-workshops will celebrate music from different cultures, with each video focusing on a different genre of music. Children will be able to join in with the workshop section using any instruments they have available.

The films are led by musicians who are specialists in the culture, and they will demonstrate how to play instruments as well as share the importance of the music within the traditions of the society.

Each video is also supported by differentiated lesson plan downloads, assessment templates, and guidance on how to use the resources with Arts Award Discover and Arts Award Bronze qualifications. 

The first four videos are: West African drumming with Mohamed Gueye, a Griot from Senegal; Gamelan with Tjokorda Raka Suastika, a prince in the Ubad Royal Family in Bali, Indonesia; South African gumboot dance with Lucky Moyo from Soweto, South Africa; and Brazilian samba drumming with Raul d’Oliveira. 

Mike Simpson, Inspire-works co-founder, said: ‘During the COVID-19 lockdowns when our facilitators were not able to visit schools, we became aware of the benefits of video tuition for sharing about the diverse cultures our facilitators come from.

‘We are excited to launch Inspire-works Studios which will greatly help children learn about other ways of life by seeing the music performed in the home cultures, appreciating the traditional heritages, and joining in with the workshop aspects of each film.’ 

Mike Simpson is speaking on Day 1 of the Music & Drama Education Expo, which takes place on 24 and 25 September.