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Every month Music Teacher publishes materials for KS3, 4 and 5, offering complete units of work, GCSE and A level set-work info and activities, and practical ideas across all levels for both classroom and peripatetic teachers. All materials are written by experienced teachers and examiners and provide indispensable content for your teaching.

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Using Sibelius at KS4

Secondary education KS 4

Author: James Manwaring

Sibelius is a valuable tool for music teachers: not only can we use it for composition, but it also provides a useful way to bring theory to life. In this resource I will consider how you might use...

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Christmas projects for in-school and remote work

Secondary education KS 3 KS 4 KS 5

Author: Jane Werry

This resource is a selection box of ideas that you can choose from and adapt to suit your own situation. Listening, researching, composing and tech are all included and given a Christmas slant that...

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World tour: China

Secondary education KS 3

Author: Simon Rushby

In the January and September 2020 issues of Music Teacher, the first two in our KS3 World tour series of resources explored the music of the Caribbean and Latin America. This month we move to Asia and...

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Rock classics

KS 3

Author: Simon Rushby

This resource provides some lesson materials for Key Stage 3 inspired by some classic rock songs of the 1960s and 1970s era. We'll explore songs and performances that will give them a sense of a time...

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AQA AoS1: the orchestral music of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven

Secondary education KS 4 Archive

Author: Maria Johnson

This topic is part of Area of Study 1 for AQA GCSE music and includes a ‘study piece’: the second movement of Haydn's Clock Symphony (covered in its own resource, Music Teacher, November 2017)....

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Teaching piano to young beginners

Extra-curricular music VMT Archive

Author: Helen Reid

This resource focuses primarily on teaching piano to younger beginners. It explores the right time to start learning an instrument, teaching notation and rhythm, forming a sound technical basis,...

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Music and well-being

Secondary education KS 3 Archive

Author: Simon Rushby

This resource explores the role that music plays in our lives, and how we use it to support ourselves and help us deal with things. It then looks at ways in which we can challenge students to think...

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Steve Reich

Secondary education KS 3 KS 4 Archive

Author: David Ashworth

The activities covered in this resource can be adapted for use across all key stages in secondary schools. They are particularly relevant for supporting GCSE and A level study and, indeed, most...

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Learning through sound

Extra-curricular music VMT Archive

Author: Richard Steggall

This resource looks at placing sound at the forefront of everything you teach.

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Putting on a school musical, part two

Secondary education KS 3 KS 4 KS 5 Archive

Author: James Manwaring

The first part of this two-part resource (Music Teacher, December 2019) looked at the creative side of putting on a musical. This second part will consider the practical side, including ideas on how...

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