Music Hub Investment Programme timeline announced by Arts Council England

Hattie Fisk
Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Arts Council England has announced that new music hubs will be in place by September 2024, confirming that current hubs will be funded until August 2024.


Arts Council England (ACE) has confirmed the continued government investment of £79 million per year into the Music Hub Programme, and has announced it is facilitating an Investment Programme on behalf of the Department for Education (DfE) to appoint new Music Hub Lead Organisations. 

The delivery of the new music hubs through the Investment Programme is designed to help achieve the vision stated in the newly published National Plan for Music Education. The aim is to ensure all children and young people will have the opportunity to progress their musical interests. 

ACE have published a video (below) outlining how music hubs can get involved in the programme. 

Guidance for applicants to the programme will be published next spring, ahead of the application window opening in summer 2023. ACE has published advice online for what organisations can do in preparation for applying. 

Today, ACE has also announced that the conversation and consultation phase of the investment programme will continue, with a survey running in January 2023 and focus groups taking place throughout the process. 

ACE has confirmed there will be no gap in music hub provision for children and young people during the programme, and that current funding for Hub Lead Organisations will continue until August 2024. 

Funding agreements for the new Programme will be established in academic years from September 2024 onwards.