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Teaching materials are an integral part of a music teacher's practice. Every month Music Teacher publishes downloadable materials for KS3, 4 and 5, offering complete units of work, GCSE and A Level set-work guidance, and practical ideas across all levels for both classroom and peripatetic teachers. All materials are written by experienced teachers and examiners and provide indispensable content for your teaching.

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WJEC AoS F: Impressionism

KS 5

Author: Phil Baker

The resource provides an analysis of the three set works in WJEC’s AoS F, List A, Strand 1: Impressionism.

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Pre-U topic C4: Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue

KS 5 Secondary education

Author: Jane Werry

In this resource, we’ll look at Rhapsody in Blue’s origins, its stylistic influences, its musical features, and its array of chameleon-like, shapeshifting versions.

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Developing wider listening: pop music of the 1950s

KS 4 KS 5 Secondary education

Author: Simon Rushby

Now that wider listening is such a key part of the exam boards’ music specifications, students taking GCSE and A level music need to have a broad understanding of a range of musical styles in addition...

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Listening skills

KS 3 Secondary education

Author: James Manwaring

This resource will look at listening in the Key Stage 3 classroom, with practical ideas to encourage students to listen.

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Cambridge IGCSE: Haydn’s Symphony No. 100 (Military)

KS 4 Secondary education

Author: Hanh Doan

In the IGCSE Listening paper, the Western classical set work is found in section D and is worth 16 marks (out of a total of 70 marks for the whole paper). In 2022, students will have the opportunity...

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Edexcel AoS1: an active learning approach to Bach

KS 4

Author: James Manwaring

Edexcel GCSE music requires students to study eight set works, the first of which is the third movement of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 5. This resource will look at some different strategies for...

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Eduqas AoS 1: ‘Badinerie’ from Bach’s Orchestral Suite No. 2

KS 4

Author: Hanh Doan

Under Eduqas’s GCSE Area of Study 1 (Musical Forms and Devices), students must study the ‘Badinerie’ from Bach’s Second Orchestral Suite in depth. As well as giving students many tools for performance...

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Creating successful teaching spaces in different school environments


Author: Richard Barnard

The environment in which you teach can have a huge impact on the quality, effectiveness and enjoyment of your lessons. Being a visiting music teacher can involve rather unpredictable and challenging...

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AQA AoS1: Mozart Clarinet Concerto

Secondary education KS 4

Author: James Manwaring

The third movement of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A, K622 is a study piece for AQA’s GCSE Area of Study 1. The study of this piece will allow students to study not only the Classical style, but...

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Getting inside the A level jazz curriculum, part 1: jazz vocalists

Secondary education KS 5

Author: Jonathan James

This will act as a summary introduction to the subject area, to whet the appetite and start placing the main styles in their contexts, with suggested listening and a playlist. Following the examples,...

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